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since 1999​

Pastry chef Jérôme is a native from the Southwest of France better known as close to Bordeaux. Realizing his passion for the art of pastries, Jérôme entered cooking school at the tender age of 15. Upon graduating in 1999, he then went on to work in various bakeries throughout France. In 2000, Jérôme nobly served his country as a pastry chef for the air force general. After his tour of duty was completed, Jérôme decided to venture out of France and landed in the U.S. First stop, The Central in Denver, where he worked with Chef Chris Lunch.

In Denver Jerome invested in himself, he worked as pastry chef, cook, waiter and manager in the dining room. He likes doing everything , he’s very passionate of his job. His travels then took him to Sarasota Florida to the French bakery, C’est La Vie. Searching more travel. 

Jérôme found Club Med in 2004 and worked for 7 years as a Pastry chef in numerous of the Club Med resort in France, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Turks and Caicos Islands, Sicilia, Portugal, Guadeloupe.

Then he came back in France for a while as a baker, pastry chef and cook for catering receptions. Jerome didn’t want to stay in a one place, he went to St Barthelemy, French Indies for a few months, and came back to France again to prepare his last trip, this time to go back in Florida at C’est la vie. After 3 years, Jerome felt he was ready for his last challenge, open his own business…….Flying with Jerome was born.

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